Introduction to Off-roading

This course covers a wide variety of subjects all relative to off-roading which includes the following:
How to be safe off-road. Know your 4x4- a practical understanding of the way a 4x4 works. This will include specialised training on your own vehicle. Our course includes discussion around the differant types of off-road vehicles and what they are best at or their speciality.

How to prepare yourself and your vehicle to tackle differant types of terrain.
We will teach you all about Traction, terrain, drive-train, differentials, diff-locks, traction control, tyre pressure, tyre care and tyre selection. HDC, ABS, TC, Momentum, Gear selection.

Once we have covered the theory we will then go off-road, usually in your vehicle. This will give you a chance to get first hand off-road experience under the guidance of your instructor. You will get to understand your vehicles capabilities and limitations.
This usually takes place at an Off-road facility such as Atlantis Dunes or Melkbos 4x4 or Dirt n Dust, Durbanville.


1.5 Hours of theory and 2.5 Hours of practical one on one Training in your vehicle. Price on application
Plus permit/access to an agreed off-road destination. ie. Atlantis dunes, Melkbos 4x4, Dirt and Dust

As above in one of my vehicles- Manual Defender, Auto Discovery, Fortuner D4D
where you get to drive the vehicle for 2 hours- choice of vehicle depends on your requirements. Price on application

Please note that training is normally geared to your specific requirements,ie. : Overlanding, Namib dunes, Dune driving, Your specific vehicle.